Using Video Conferencing software for Therapy

Which software package should we use?

My software of choice is ZOOM

This is free to download and free to use. It has useful features like a whiteboard so I create my famous drawings, and a "waiting room" if you happen to try to join me while I'm still seeing another client.

You can download Zoom from

My second favourite software is Facetime. If you are using Apple devices you may prefer to use this software as it tends to be automatically installed by Apple.  If you dnot have Facetime installed I suggest you go the the Apple Store and download it from there.

Coming third in my list of software is SKYPE. I find this software difficult to use but can usually manage to connect and stay on line.

Please let me know which package you would prefer to use and the phone number you would like me to call on.


Starting a Video Conferencing Appointment

Step 1:  Ensure you are in a quiet place. Make sure there are will be no distractions or interruptions during our appointment. Sit close enough to your screen so that you can be easily seen and heard.

Step 2:  Start the software we have agreed to use.

Step 3:  Wait for me to call.  When I do you, your software will ring and you simple need to click to answer my call.

It will be as easy as that.